Do you have the right skills to lead?
Leadership Assessment & Action Planning

Identify your leadership strengths and areas needing development. then create a plan to grow!

You’ll Receive:

  • An analysis of your leadership skills, comparing your skill set to those of successful leaders.
  • A 1-on-1 coaching and action-planning session.
  • A detailed report of your strengths, development opportunities, and skill-building recommendations.
  • A three-month follow-up sesssion to assess your progress toward implementing your action plan.
All for only:  $247

Dr. Denise Dennis

About Dr. Denise Dennis

The Side Business Strategist
Prepared Mind Coaching, LLC 

I know that growing a business while holding down a full-time job is challenging.  I can help!

I work with you to clarify the vision for your side business and to identify your strengths and development areas.

I also help you identify the elements in your environment that may be impeding your success.

I will help you prepare for the challenges and opportunities that await you as you move forward in your side business.

A key first step in this process is to know where you stand as a leader.  

I invite you to take advantage of my leadership assessment package - let's get started!